Fee Only Investment Advice

Truly Unbiased Flat Fee Only Investment Advice

Most investors don’t understand what they pay their financial advisor, or who the fees and commissions go to for that matter.  In 17 years of advising clients I’ve yet to find one who could clearly articulate the layers upon layers of fees and expenses their mutual funds and ETF’s charge, and the commissions their financial advisor earns.

We believe strongly that providing clients fully disclosed flat fee only investment advisor services removes all conflicts of interest.  We also believe that removing all conflicts of interest starts with our compensation model because:

  • Fees and Commissions Reduce Your Returns – Clients must earn a rate of return higher than the fees and expenses they pay in order to overcome them just to break even.
  • Fees and Commissions Create Conflicts of Interest – If the advice provided by your financial advisor is jaded by the lure of a big payday or heavy fees, they’re likely to be conflicted in the investment advice they provide to you.
  • No Hidden Agendas - No trips, perks, spiffs, commissions or fees means Portfolio Architect investment advice is clear from any hidden agendas.  We don’t have any wholesalers or other employers to appease.  This allows us to truly be unbiased with our investment advice to you!

We also warn investors of the allure of seemingly fee only investment advice.  Many financial advisors call themselves “fee-based financial advisors”.  This is a misnomer in many ways.  Fee based investment advisor services were created by the Wall Street machine to confuse investors, and make them feel like they were getting independent investment advice.

Fee based is just a fancy way to say a financial advisor accepts fees AND commissions.  Fee Only investment advice prohibits accepting any form of compensation other than fees paid directly by the client – like your accountant or your attorney.  The most unbiased way to work with clients is through fully disclosed fee only investment services.  This allows us to provide objective investment advice in your best interests without conflict.

You’re our employer, not some Wall Street investment or insurance company.  We work for you, NOT Wall Street!

See the difference flat fee only investment advice can make with your investment planning today!