Do you currently have investments?

Portfolio “Second Look” Investment Review

Is your broker ripping you off or are you doing it yourself?  Investing can be scary and confusing!  We provide independent portfolio reviews and investment analysis on your mutual fund and ETF’s to help you sleep at night and gain the peace of mind you need to be a successful investor.

If You:

  • Wonder what fees and commissions you’re REALLY paying?
  • Want to know if your ETF’s and mutual funds are good?
  • Don’t know if your investments match your goals?

Then Portfolio Review is the right solution for you!  We provide color coded investment reviews to help you make great investing decisions.  Whether you self-manage your investments OR have a broker WE CAN HELP!

We Start By Reviewing Your Asset Allocation Model

The #1 factor in your investment performance is how your assets are allocated among stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments.  It determines over 90% of your investment returns.

We’ll show you how much risk you’re really taking.  Many investors think they’re invested one way, only to find out they’re not.  We give you the tools to make smart asset allocation decisions.

Then We Analyze Your Mutual Funds and ETF’s

Our investment review checks your mutual funds and ETF investments over an 11 step process.  We audit your investments for returns, risk, company management and 8 other factors.  You’ll see quickly with a color coded scorecard which ETF’s and mutual funds should be held, watched closely, and replaced immediately.

This isn’t just our “opinion” on your investments however.  This is a sound process created by Fi360 – the Center for Global Fiduciary Insights.  It’s used by many of the worlds largest pension plans, institutions and endowment funds to manage their investments.

We Expose Your Real Investment Fees And Expenses

We provide you a complete accounting of your ETF and mutual fund fees and expenses.  You’ll quickly see how much you’re paying and who you’re paying it to!

You may be SHOCKED to see what you’re investments cost!  If you don’t know what you’re paying, you can’t determine it’s value.  Let us show you what your investments really cost!

This Is Not A Sales Pitch Disguised As A “Free Review”

Our investment review service is completely unique.  Portfolio Review is a flat fee independent audit of your investment portfolio.  We never sell insurance or investments for commissions and we are completely independent investment advisors!  Learn more about our private practice in Las Vegas, REDROCK WEALTH MANAGEMENT.

Want to learn more?  See our investment review case study.