• “An interesting and informative read. Greg successfully simplifies complex material, and entertains the reader at the same time. I recommend this book without hesitation for both the novice as well as the experienced investor.”

    Gina W.

  • “It is much more a discussion of the classes of investment available, efficient ways of investing in these classes and ways to structure your investments… It will certainly be worth the effort whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor.”

    Brett H.
    Top 100 Reviewer

  • “Everything from stock market basics to mutual funds and ETFs...all the way through asset allocation and investment management. This quick read contains personal stories and plenty of charts and graphs to keep reading entertaining.”


  • “Great stuff on investing in the stock market. You really have to think about it as you’re reading it. Overall great book though, I always thought investing was harder than it really is.”

    Logan S.

Investing can be scary!

But with the right education and a great strategy it doesn’t have to be.

There are tens of thousands of mutual funds and ETFs, limitless trading and investing strategies, and no shortage of bad financial advice from self-serving commission-seeking brokers. You must learn to separate the worthless from the worthwhile to be a great investor.

The Portfolio Architect cuts through the rubbish with the 5 most critical aspects of investing (the 5 Keys). You’ll learn simple to understand concepts, processes, and practices which will help you design, implement, monitor, and manage your Ultimate Investment Plan like the world’s largest institutions and professional investors do.

The 5 critical components to successful investing are:

  1. Learning the basics of stocks, bonds and other asset classes,
  2. Understanding investment vehicles like mutual funds and ETFs, and choosing the right ones,
  3. Asset allocation and portfolio diversification,
  4. Implementing, monitoring, and managing your investments properly, and
  5. Behaving like a great investor

In simple to understand terms, The Portfolio Architect explains everything you need to know about these 5 Keys to great investment management! Turn off the TV, throw away your money magazines, and tune out the financial pornography Wall Street feeds you everyday - with these 5 Keys you won’t need it! And if you still need professional help there’s a bonus 6th Key which will make sure you find the right professional help - not a commission-centered product hawker masquerading as a financial advisor!