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Key to Investing in Systematic Investment Plans

How To Invest

Systematic Investment Plans

Systematic investment plans are great investment plans especially for beginner investors. While there are many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to systematic investments. Here’s a quick breakdown of both the advantages and disadvantages of systematic investment plans.

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Leveraged ETF Investing in Russell 2000

What To Invest In

Leveraged ETF Investing

Leveraged ETF investing is more “gambling” than it is “investing”. They don’t work over long periods of time, and we are never short term investors. The facts show clearly that rebalancing, fees, trading costs and taxes will destroy your leveraged ETF investment over long periods of time.

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Investors Fail Miserably At Retirement Investint

Plan For Your Future

Investors Fail Miserably At Retirement Investing

Investors are failing miserably with retirement investing and savings. 57% of investors have less than 25K in savings for retirement, and less of us are saving than from 2009. Should you delay retirement, save more or invest more aggressively?

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  • well worth the investment

    “A well-designed investment plan is paramount to long term success. Unfortunately, professional advisor services are not available to everyone. InvestPlan is the solution with low cost investment choices using Morningstar asset allocation models that are based on Modern Portfolio Theory. Increasing your chances for success is well worth the investment.”

    Denise Wilcox, CFP® Wilcox Advisors, Inc.
  • great plans for investors

    “Investors who realize they need professional help but don't trust Wall Street should take a look at InvestPlan's services. As a flat fee only service, investors KNOW what they're paying and KNOW what they get... In fact they even do a great job of exposing the hidden fees and commissions in many investment portfolios with their Portfolio Review service. They have nothing to gain other than creating great plans for investors.”

    Chris Baum, CFP® Palermo Wealth Management, LLC
  • custom tailored & low cost

    “For investors smart enough to realize they need professional investment advice and help yet don't know where to turn, the Investment Plan services are a good place to start. You still retain all control of your investments and must manage them properly and consistently, but rather than buying a book investors get a custom tailored low cost and highly diversified investment plan. It's a good system for self-directed investors willing to put in the work to be successful.”

    Chris Jones, CFP® Sparrow Wealth Management
  • your investment plan on solid ground

    “Investment Plans services are a great option for the do-it-yourself investor who doesn’t want a full service advisor. The Fi360 tools are top-notch and backed by an asset allocation model developed by Morningstar customized to each investor. This service is sure to get your investment plan on solid ground.”

    Dana Anspach, CFP®, RMA℠ Sensible Money
  • you really can't pass this up

    “Are you sick and tired of financial advisors selling you investment products that aren't in your best interests, but at the same time you're frustrated with doing it yourself and want a roadmap to investment success? Then is your answer. For less than $1 a day, you really can't pass this up.”

    Setu Mazumdar, MD, CFP® Lotus Wealth Solutions
  • clear, simple answers

    “In a world where clear, simple answers are almost impossible to find, Investment Plan has found a way to cut through the noise and help you make some of the most important decisions you will ever make with your money. Turn off CNBC and check it out.”

    Carl Richards, CFP® NY Times Contributor,
    Author “The Behavior Gap”
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